G.R.L. returns with a lovely song during a dark time.

After the unfortunate death of past member Simone Battle, G.R.L. has come out of the shadows to debut their brand new single “Lighthouse”, now out on iTunes.

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Produced by Dr. Luke, the single will serve as the first song the girl group has released since their previous EP G.R.L.. “Lighthouse” is the girls’ tribute to their past group member Simone, who sadly committed suicide last year.

“Right now we’re focused on the song and the positive message overall, about being together in hard times. We’re taking everything else one day at a time,” Emmalyn tells People of the single.

“You can never prepare yourself for something like this, ever,” Lauren Bennett continues. “We’d just been in rehearsals the day before, learning choreography for our show, and the next day we were starting the morning as usual when we got the call. I still can’t believe it. I don’t think any of us can. It’s weird that we’re even sitting here, talking about it.”

“She was such a strong woman, and very independent, and we had no idea what she was going through, or her pain,” Paula says. “We admire how prideful she was, but now we just wish she’d let us in a little bit so maybe we could have helped her. Now we want to spread that message that it’s okay to talk about, and help people, maybe even change the world.”

“We learned so much from her,” says Bennett, choking back tears. “In the video you can see her passion for performance, and you can see her strumming along to the music in the beginning. It’s us showing that she’s still part of the group. She’ll always be part of this group.”

Take a listen to their incredible new song below and let us know what you think in Exhale.