Here comes the smasha.


Here comes the smasha.

Britney Spears hand selected rapper G-Eazy to feature on her upcoming single “Make Me,” and from what it sounds like… it’s going to be a monster dance track.

G tells Kiss FM in a new interview he got a call saying Britney chose him to appear on the new song, which he describes as “big.”

“You guys are gonna love it,” he said. “You’re gonna eat it up. It’s big, it’s big.”

Eazy adds he was in Australia on tour when he got the call.

“I was like ‘holy sit.’ I listened to it I was like ‘****!’ It’s a big record, so I knocked it out that night.”

He doesn’t describe the sound other than confirming it’s “big,” but says “it will go off in the clubs” and leans towards hip-hop.


No word exactly when the song premieres, but word on the street is to keep your calendars free on July 29.

My body wasn’t ready for this kind of slayage.

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