Fumes Rise At Britney Spears In Baton Rouge Local Cinema

March 2, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Newlyweds Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were reported seen at Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the local theater by several paparazzi. The couple sat down in cinema 4 viewing “The Wedding Date” starring Debra Messing.

The stars appearance cause a sudden commotion during the movie as small blocks of coke ice and candy were thrown across the theater at the happy couple. Kevin Federline, a star on the rise as Britney’s hubby, called over security.

A group of kids were escorted out of the theater as two were in hand cuffs for fowl language at the officers.

Moments later, Kevin was forced to call over security once again as the couple leaves before the movie was over.

Camera men inside the cinema reported that there were harsh languages shooting towards the star as Britney rushed into the public bathroom. Two more girls were kicked out and ticketed for public indecency.

Credit – BritneyAccess.Com