Britney’s featured in the latest issue of V Magazine. They include a special interview from Britney who talks about her team, her sons and the Femme Fatale Tour.

Name: Britney Spears
Name of Tour: Femme Fatale

Describe your team in three words:
Britney: My second family.

What is your favorite memory so far of working with this team of individuals?
Britney: I have worked with all of them for many, many years so it was fun to see them all together again on the first day of the tour. Everybody was catching up and telling all of their fun stories from the past, laughing and just having a great time. We were all so happy to see each other again and so excited to start working. It really made me smile.

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever performed?
Britney: At a small restaurant many years ago, when I was first starting out. I just got up and sang in front of a room full of strangers. I had never done it before and it felt really weird singing in this small restaurant.

What is the most fun part of touring?
Britney: Meeting different kinds of fans from all over the world. They are so different in every country. I just did a few shows in Russia and all of the fans had big heart signs in the audience and had hearts painted on their hands. It was really cool. Also having the people I am closest to with me all of the time and staying in the same hotels every night. We have been together for many years now so we have become one big happy family.

What is the hardest part of your touring?
Britney: The actual traveling. It’s basically planes, trains and automobiles every single day. I always have fun when I get to a new city but getting from place to place can get old and boring. I read a lot of books.

Is there someone not pictured who is integral to making your show happen?
Britney: Yes a ton of people: my entire crew who builds my show, runs my show and moves my show from city to city. They work SO hard and I am so thankful for them. My band Shock and Awe made up of my longtime musical directors. Simon Ellis and Marc, my wardrobe girls who help me dress every night and keep my costumes together, my dad who keeps me on track, and of course my boyfriend, Jason, and my boys who keep me smiling every single day.

Do you have any lucky charms?
Britney: I believe I make my own luck.

What are your pre-show rituals?
Britney: I always get to the venue early to go over my show notes with my supervising coordinator and my dancers. We rehearse anything that wasn’t perfect or needs rehearsing from the show before. Then I sound check, do hair and makeup, meet and greet, and then pray with my team, my dancers, and my family.

What are some of your essential backstage items? Any special food or beverage?
Britney: Fashion magazines, good music, scented candles, veggie dip, hummus, pita bread, Shabby Chic furniture (which we take with us from city to city), a treadmill, and yoga mats.

If you could play anywhere, where would it be?
Britney: A tropical island so I can go straight on vacation after the show.

What is the biggest misconception about being backstage or on the road?
Britney: That it’s a giant, nonstop, never ending party. I mean, we do have a lot of fun backstage and we are always laughing and telling jokes and stories, but it’s mostly a large group of people working really, really hard to put on a great show every night for my fans.

Team Motto:
Britney: We have two: “you can’t make this **** up,” and “No surprises!”

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