I really need to watch my language lately; my mother is probably so disappointed. But **** it! Every once in awhile a good F U to someone really gives yourself a boost (cue the “Oh yeah? F U! Jordan” comments). Plus, I’m in a bad mood. Besides, I added a smiley face to the title – therefore it’s not as mean. Says me!

X-Factor ***** (3 curse words and counting) James Cordon trashed Britney’s performance today, claiming she was a “mime” with no spark in her performance:


“Yeah, the song sounded great, but I already got the CD… Here are a group of people [X-Factor contestants] not trained, not sold 5 million albums, not all that stuff… coming out, singing live every week and being judged really harshly on it… then out comes Britney Spears; mimes some half-assed performance then leaves…”

It’s too bad ignorant pudgies like himself have no respect for one of the greatest performers in history. Someone remind him that this was just her third performance (in 3 days) after a year of hell. Someone remind him that throughout all the anxiety and fear, she managed to put on a brave face and entertain millions of fans. Someone remind him I own a metal bat and have a pretty good swing (and someone remind X-Factor’s legal team that I’m kidding. Sort of.)

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