A source close to Britney has revealed some sad, but probable facts about Lynne concerning last night to PerezHilton.com. The source says “her mom [Lynne] was too busy to come to her aid cause she was getting a manicure.”

When Lynne arrived to the house last night, she reportedly yelled: “Sam’s trying to get you committed, get in my car lets go to Malibu.”

Uh, yeah… She needs this hospital stay. How could she not see that? The source even says the user / enabler Adnan was all for Britney being committed to getting hospitalized. EVEN HIM!

“A manicure?? Despite Britney begging her mother all day to come visit, how sad,” continues the source.

And TMZ is reporting that Britney was confronting her mother, saying that she was “sleeping with my boyfriend [Adnan],” even taking Adderall (ADD medicine) and laxatives all at once.

Let the speculation and rumors begin. This is going to get dirty.

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