Jamie Spears files court docs requesting to legally extend Britney’s conservatorship into new territories.

If you thought Britney was closer to ridding herself of the restraints of personal and financial conservatorships, think again. Her father and co-conservator, Jamie Spears, has officially filed docs asking Britney’s judge overseeing the case to allow his control permeate from California into nine additional states, including Alabama, Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, The Blast reports. This is in addition to Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii, which he filed for in May.

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It’s unclear why Mr. Spears is making the move now, considering he has never requested control in those places in the 11 years since becoming conservator, but sources tell The Blast it’s because those states are where Britney travels to the most. Curiously, Nevada was not listed, putting yet another nail on the coffin that Britney has no plans to return to Las Vegas any time soon.

Britney owns property in Florida and Louisiana, according to court docs. She frequently visits Hawaii on vacation.

As for the newly-added states, TMZ claims Britney has “various connections there,” speculating that it’s mostly friends and family. They also claim Jamie’s legal move is an act to stop people like Sam Lutfi and mom Lynne Spears from filing for conservatorship over Britney in other states.

A judge granted Jamie Spears’ request for a restraining order that forces Lutfi from staying away from Britney and her immediate family and kids.

Sources insist to The Blast that Jamie’s move to add these states is “routine,” however the timing is extremely suspicious. They report: “if someone were to contest the conservatorship in another state, or perhaps file a new one, the court in that state would be forced to acknowledge California’s order.”

Britney’s judge located in California, Brenda Penny, recently issued a massive investigation regarding all aspects of Britney’s conservatorship. She will also undergo an evaluation. Britney reportedly told the judge she was committed against her will into a mental health facility and given medications she did not want to take.

A status hearing regarding the findings will take place on September 18th.

It appears Mr. Spears’ move is tactical and a bid to gain more control over a situation he could be losing grip on.

In 2018, Britney’s former co-conservator, Andrew Wallet, who has since resigned, called the conservatorship a hybrid business model.

In the last several months, despite sites like TMZ painting Britney to be severely unwell, she’s been spotted laughing, chatting with paparazzi, going on a date with Sam Asghari, refuting her manager’s claims she may never perform again and, on several occasions, said she loves her fans. She’s also vacationed with boyfriend Sam Asghari, as well as Lynne.

It also appears the pop star has regained control of her Instagram, and actively posts semi-cryptic messages for fans to decipher. However, fans wonder if Britney had a say in this recent Tweet about her father. Stay tuned…

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