The campaign gains momentum.

Dozens of Britney Spears fans joined forces outside City Hall in West Hollywood on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and N. Sweetzer Ave. on Monday afternoon (April 22) amid the energized Free Britney initiative.

Their mission? To shed light on an injustice to Britney’s basic human rights.

The protest is one of many moves fans are hoping will increase awareness about the pop star’s current legal situation, which appears to be contributing to the singer’s deteriorating mental health. For more than a decade, Britney has remained under personal and financial conservatorships, but in the last several months, since the cancellation of **********, and dad Jamie’s severe illness, Team Britney’s walls have begun to crack. Fans hope their cries will be heard by the greater public and put pressure on the judicial system to take steps towards dissolving this extreme measure placed upon the singer. A measure she adamantly resisted when it was first put in place in 2008.

It’s worth clarifying the protest is not necessarily to rush Britney out of mental health treatment, rather a bid to remove the conservatorship.

The protest took place the same day photos were published on TMZ of Britney leaving a Beverly Hills hotel with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Britney appeared to be disheveled in the brief video – fans are under the impression it was a staged photo-op – Team Britney’s effort to show she’s not being held against her will at a mental health facility, a claim BritneysGram first made one week ago. Read more about that in detail here.

Sources close to the situation essentially corroborated those claims, but see things differently. A report from The Blast says Britney’s people admitted her to a mental health facility because she decided to stop taking prescribed medication. They claim her situation became so dire that they were worried if Britney didn’t seek treatment, she could die.

Britney’s father, mother and younger sister are currently in Louisiana.

Fans at the protest carried emotionally charged signs, from “Free Britney” to “the truth will set her free,” along with chants like “Hands off, Britney,” “Justice for Britney” and even “Hey ho, Larry Rudolph has got to go” (it is believed Rudolph is mainly responsible for sending Britney into treatment against her own volition).

BreatheHeavy’s forums, Exhale, has a thread following the Free Britney campaign with more than 12,000 replies in less than one week.

The protest was live streamed, which you may watch below:

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