The Free Britney movement continues to gain momentum.

On May 10th, a judge will meet with Britney’s lawyers representing the conservatorship in order to gain a better understanding of the pop star’s current situation amid allegations that she’s being controlled beyond reason. The status hearing was scheduled after the Free Britney movement, which urges the legal system to re-evaluate the current restraints Britney is legally under and seemingly has no way of escaping.

Lynne Spears

Britney’s mom Lynne has filed legal docs asking the judge in Britney’s conservatorship case to grant her more information regarding her daughter’s medical treatment, TMZ reports. They claim Lynne is unhappy with Britney’s condition and believes “she is not getting the appropriate treatment.”

TMZ is not-so-secretly team conservatorship due to their relationships with sources close to that situation, so their reporting on the matter comes as no surprise: they credit Jamie for saving Britney’s life, claim Lynne is reading false reports about Britney being held against her will and pumped with drugs she didn’t want, and says she’s friends with the governor’s wife of Louisiana, who may have had a role in finding Lynne legal representation (it’s unclear what they’re implying by that).

They do note that Lynne is not filing to become a co-conservator. She is currently staying with Britney in L.A.

You may recall Lynne was liking “#FreeBritney” comments on Instagram and following pro-Free Britney accounts the day BritneysGram broke their claims Britney was being held against her will at a mental health facility.

Sam Asghari

Up until now, it was unclear where Britney’s boyfriend stood in the Free Britney era. He told TMZ photographers amid Britney’s mental health stay that she was doing “amazing,” and told fans via Instagram the best way to show their support is through respect by not speculating. However, it appears Sam has changed his tune?

The 25-year-old fitness model liked a Free Britney comment on Instagram. Fans took a screen shot of it before Asghari could reverse the like, which he has in the time since.

We do know he was recently with Britney. Sam posted a shirtless photo on Instagram this weekend and credited her as the photo-taker.

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Should I do a backflip? #pooldaywiththelioness ? @britneyspears

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Photographer Frances Iacuzzi

Britney recently took photos shot by frequent collaborator, Frances lacuzzi. The impromptu, at-home pictorial looked oddly reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s Control album cover. It’s either a complete coincidence, or it’s Britney’s subtle way of communicating. Lacuzzi also liked a pro-Free Britney comment on Instagram that read:

“Can’t wait for you to do a new shoot in 2019 when she isn’t under control by Lou Lou and Big LARRY #freebritney”

It also mentioned a protest fans are arranging at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Friday “to free this woman from her handlers that choose money over the human being.”

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Iconic (via @its.mrjames)

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David LaChapelle

Photographer David LaChapelle is one of the first industry people who’s worked with Britney to speak out. Read his initial comments here.

In the time since, LaChapelle has doubled down. He posted the following on Instagram:

“It was an ugly scene I felt like showering after listening to [Larry] Rudolph -in behind closed door meetings -its gross callus / opportunist type situation.”

He added: “I have nothing to lose or gain – I see her as someone who is being used and she has displayed everything from distraught unhappy- belligerent to scared and alone.”

“I feel it’s because she’s been driven there by greedy people. These are my opinions And my heart goes out to her – dear Amy – MJ people who are adored yes – but have suffered much… greedy people and lies.”

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#freebritney #britneyspears

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Miley Cyrus

Miley also publicly spoke, errr… yelled about the Free Britney movement. Watch her scream it mid-concert this past weekend.

Label rumor

Rounding out the Free Britney roundup is buzz that Britney and RCA will be parting ways after her next album. There is no proof or credible source to backup the rumor, but regardless it got Exhale talking.

Jamie Lynn

There’s also this interesting quote posted on Jamie Lynns’ Instagram story. Stay tuned…

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