The ongoing Free Britney movement sparks more speculation wild fire.

A week ago today (May 17), Britney reportedly told the judge overseeing her conservatorship case she was placed into a mental health facility against her will and given drugs she didn’t want to take. She also asked the judge to end the conservatorship, but the pop star was denied. Instead, the judge issued an evaluation on the pop star’s mental health that’ll take place some time this summer before the next court hearing in September, as well as an internal investigation. The investigator tasked with this gargantuan undertaking will interview everyone connected to the conservatorship, including Britney’s legal guardians, doctors, lawyers and even law enforcement. Read more about that here.

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, started making the rounds in the press this week. Despite claims Rudolph was instrumental in placing Britney in the mental health facility, he maintains he’s had nothing to do with the conservatorship, telling TMZ his role in Britney’s life is to manage her career and that’s it. He also said it was Britney’s choice whether she ever works again. Read his interview here.

Curiously, Rudolph spoke with numerous outlets since, including Billboard and the Washington Post. In a new interview with the WP, Rudolph weighed in on why a judge is taking these measures.

“The last thing any California state judge wants is to do something incorrectly and inappropriately and be the subject of a story about a judge that has done something wrong by Britney Spears,” he said. “The conservatorship is not a jail. It helps Britney make business decisions and manage her life in ways she can’t do on her own right now.”

It is very normal for celebrities who deal with mental health issues to have business managers, life coaches, therapists, doctors, lawyers etc that aren’t imposed by a conservatorship.

Conservatorships are typically meant for people who are incapacitated to the point where they cannot function or make sound decisions. Britney was photographed several times this week, including driving to Starbucks. She may be dealing with mental health issues, but she’s certainly not gravely ill. And if she is, her new photos on Instagram with boyfriend Sam Asghari paint a much different picture.

See what Exhale is saying about that.

Rudolph also doubles down that it was Britney’s choice to seek treatment in March (not January), and even says Jamie Spears was hesitant at the idea due to media attention.

Rudolph’s comments about the conservatorship being used as a business tool come at an interesting time. Britneys Gram shared court documents filed by Britney’s former co-conservator, Andrew Wallet, in November 2018 – prior to ********** being cancelled. In them, he justifies to the courts why he deserved a raise in salary.

[Britney’s] business activities have greatly accelerated due to her increased well being and her capacity to be more engaged in further her career activities. The next several years promise to be very lucrative for the conservatorship estate.”

He also tells the judge the “conservatorship should be viewed more as a hybrid business model.”

It is very unusual for a conservatorship to be used as an ongoing business tool, however Britney’s life is also very non-typical.

Wallet’s statements were made around the time Britney’s medications reportedly became imbalanced. During this period, she was also supposedly distraught by her father’s illness – as Rudolph calls it, it was the “perfect storm” for disaster.

If we are to believe Britney was so severely mentally ill at this point, then why did Wallet paint a different picture? And if Wallet’s statements were accurate and she wasn’t in such a low state, then why the mental health facility stay?

Wallet abruptly quit in March without explanation – just several months after the judge granted his request for a raise.

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ET is doubling down on Rudolph’s statements. They have a source from an ~insider~ claiming Britney is so unwell at the moment that “performing again right now or anytime soon is not an option.”

“She is in no state to be able to take care of herself let alone to do live shows. She needs to get the right combination of medication and therapy for more than just a 30-day stay in a facility for her to be able to function properly.” They don’t identify who said this, but it reflects everything Rudolph said to the press publicly this week. ET also has a lengthy history with Britney’s team.

Rudolph also told the Washington Post that Britney’s team was unable to identify the man who left the voicemail on BritneysGram. He also claims Jamie Spears doesn’t want the conservatorship to go on forever, despite appearing in court last week to defend its permanent status. “It’s his daughter. He wants to see her happy. A functional life without any intervention like this,” he said.

A recent report claimed Kevin Federline was restricting Britney’s visitation with her kids right now. She reportedly asked the judge at her status hearing for more time, but it’s unknown whether any new arrangements were made. People reports, “[the boys] understand that she has an illness. They both seem well-adjusted.”

It’s not all doom and gloom though. X17 paparazzi photographed Britney in her car on Thursday and caught her flashing a smile.

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