The pop star joins the #FreeBritney movement.

Britney participated in a status hearing last Friday (May 10) to discuss the latest ongoings regarding her conservatorship, and during the meeting told the judge some extremely disturbing news. Britney reportedly confirmed the allegations first brought up in the controversial BritneysGram episode that claimed the singer was committed into treatment against her will and was made to take drugs, TMZ reports. They specifically say her father, Jamie Spears, is responsible for this.

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Britney’s mom Lynne, who was in attendance with Britney, lawyered up for the hearing – her legal counsel also echoed Britney’s startling revelations.

Britney asked the judge to end the conservatorship, but the judge denied her request. It could very well be that the judge will take steps towards granting her that freedom following an evaluation that will take place some time this summer (assuming Britney passes it), though that’s just speculation.

Paparazzi caught Britney driving to get a Starbucks on Mother’s Day, and it does not appear her children were with her. Let’s hope she saw them.

It’s interesting that TMZ is revealing this information, however it’s worth noting they are sticking to their claims that her mental health was rapidly deteriorating around the ********** era hence the mental health facility stay, and says Jamie, as her conservator, does not have the authority to make Britney take medication against her will. It appears Britney herself is singing a different tune.

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