I’ve never been a passenger though.

The #FreeBritney movement continues to gain momentum. One of the most refreshing instances took place this week – Britney was photographed in the driver’s seat of her car (a bodyguard is pictured in the passenger seat). She’s also talking on the cell phone – though it’s unclear if the car was moving at the time.

Some fans are speculating that the moment was an arranged photo-op – as in, Britney’s whereabouts were tipped off to paparazzi to capture this shot. It’s worth mentioning that the photo agency that published this, Splash News, is not the same company that managed to photograph Britney on Easter or grabbing fro-yo – so it’s very possible that this is indeed a true, non-setup candid moment.

The photos first appeared on The Blast – the same website that claimed via unnamed sources close to Britney that she could have died without mental health treatment. Gary Trock, The Blast’s managing editor, is a former employee of TMZ. Trock reported Britney was seen “Tuesday morning driving merging onto the 101 freeway in L.A. while holding a cellphone up to her face.” However, the photos are cropped. Thus, we are unable to see whether that’s true or not.

However, there’s video footage from this outing, and it appears the car is actually parked. Meaning, she wasn’t driving, just sitting in the driver’s seat. Are we are to believe that her bodyguard was driving, then they switched seats? I don’t care to go down that rabbit hole.

Curiously, The Blast makes it a point to cast a negative light on the photos just 10 days before Britney’s conservatorship status hearing. They write:

“A passenger, who may be a security guard, can be seen in the white Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen … however, he does not appear to be reaching for the phone or advising Spears to keep her eyes on the road.”

It’s been claimed in recent weeks that one of the rules of Britney’s conservatorship is that she’s not allowed to drive (The Blast argues that she is, but with an “approved chaperone”).

“In California, all drivers are prohibited from operating handheld cellphones while driving, which also includes texting,” they continue.

Some wonder if this will be evidence used against her come May 10 – the date of the newly added haring.

This marks the first time we’ve seen Britney in the driver’s seat of her car since January, so whatever the case may be this is a step in the right direction. It’s also really nice to see her smiling.

Photos via Splash News x The Blast

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Seen is #losangeles this morning ❤️ she looks good! #britneyspears

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SHARE THIS! @blast & @radargram @ @tmz_tv reporter Gary Trock caught LYING about Britney driving.. why are they trying to frame her in this light? Why are the photos on your website cropped? Why not post this video? I mean, If she was driving on her phone where is the video proving that?!!! – Here is video of Britney Spears PARKED. Why are tour photos cropped? Why are you lying about her driving while on the phone??? #Abuse #FREEBRITNEY

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Will is infamous in the world of Britney. Fans blame him for how Britney Jean turned out, however Antony Preston, who worked on nearly every song off the album, tells BreatheHeavy Britney was very much in control of the album’s creative process – just a heads up… our interview together about BJ drops in May.

Will hopped onboard the #FreeBritney train. He “liked” a VERY pro-Free Britney Instagram post. In it, the woman calls Britney a slave to her handlers, among other things.

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This is a story about a girl named Unlucky. The World gets mad about #AvengersEndgame. As for me, all I can think about these days is my favorite singer @britneyspears’ fate. I guess director #SteveMcQueen should make another movie called “11 Years a Slave” about Britney being a slave of her own family and management team for 11 years. This wardship is a new type of genocide. Look what they done to her. This is a result of their so-called support. Where have all these MeToo enthusiasts been in time when Britney’s father and her business manager Lou Taylor left her no rights. Such as to vote, to drive her car, to get marry, to have her own cell-phone, spend time with friends and go to the restroom without permission of her dad. They say it’s because the court held that she’s mentally deranged person. But, in the same time, she released 3 albums, toured The World 3 times, had successful residency in Las Vegas and became the highest-paid female singer in The US in 2012 according to Forbes. And now she’s in mental health facility since January, 2019 against her will. The truth is that her dad and Lou Taylor tampered with a judge and doctors to gain control over Britney’s life and her money. But Britney isn’t mentally deranged person. They destroyed her life giving her psychotropic medication. But no one cares. Seems like people care about selected victims of Harvey Weinstein (and someone like him only). But Britney is a victim too. She’s a slave of her own father for 11 years! Britney tried 8 times to escape the wardship but all that judge said was NO! And her father threatens her to deprive her of parental rights. So she needs our help. Join #FreeBritney movement, spreat The World this info and let our Queen Of Pop to spread her wings and fly away from her monsters also known as family and team. If you want picture like mine, just ask @extramile4u. Let’s #SaveBritney together!!! WE ARE THE CHANGE!!!

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David LaChapelle

Director David LaChapelle was very outspoken about Britney’s situation as well. Read more about that here.

Joseph Kahn

Because LaChapelle aligned his name with the #FreeBritney movement, fans campaigned to inspire director Joseph Kahn to speak out. He directed “Stronger,” “Toxic” and “Perfume.” His vision for the Britney Jean video was ultimately changed. There were scenes where Britney was bloody and bruised, as well as holding a gun, but all of it was scrapped for a curious, abrupt ending instead. Fans hoped he’d shed light on what happened, but instead he shared some kind words.

“I honestly don’t know anything,” Kahn said. “Haven’t worked with them in many years. I wish Britney the best though. She is a wonderful person.”


However, director Lotfaï did decide to speak out. He opened up about his time collaborating with Britney on a project in London a number of years ago.

He had this to say:

I’ve been directing @britneyspears In London few years ago. I remember what I felt at that moment: sadness, compassion and the terrible wish to extract her from her handlers. This shooting has been an emotional mess for me.

“I had to tell an already controlled human being what to do, she was so fragile. Both alone on the green screen, each one of our moves were analyzed by her handlers. I still remember my heart broke when she tried to whisper something to me and suddenly her bodyguard appeared just in front of us: “Is there a problem?”. Britney answered with a ‘timid’ voice ‘No, we’re ok’ looking at her feet. She was over the top stressed, nervously pinching her fingers. I can’t stop thinking that she wanted to tell me something.”

He added: “The only thing I wished at that moment was to extract her from there… In vain. All my prayers go to you Britney, I’ve been helpless and I’m deeply sorry #FreeBritney”

Outpatient program

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Britney’s mental health facility check-in is the medications she takes. Frankly, it’s none of our business, but RadarOnline made it a point to state part of her reported outpatient treatment includes yoga, working out, meditation, and “taking her medication as prescribed.”

You may recall one of the rumored reasons ********** got postponed was due to Britney’s father Jamie pulling the plug because Britney reportedly stopped taking a new round of medication because it made her feel terrible.

We don’t know how Britney feels about things right now, but I think we can all agree things feel like they’re looking up a little.

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