She has a flip phone.

Another startling update in the #FreeBritney era confirms what fans suspected all along: Britney’s phone and Internet access is controlled.

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The news comes from TMZ, who also claims Britney is “playing” mom Lynne to gain freedom. Lynne recently lawyered up in a bid to learn more about the conservatorship, and is requesting the judge give her access to information regarding Britney’s treatment and medical files because she reportedly feels her daughter’s situation has been mismanaged. She will reportedly play a role in Friday’s status hearing that’ll address hot topics about Britney’s current legal restraints. There’s also buzz Britney herself will make an appearance at Friday’s court hearing.

According to CNN, in the documents, Lynne’s attorneys write that it is in Britney’s “best interest to allow Lynne Spears to have a voice at the Status Hearing.”

See what Exhale is saying about this.

Lynne is currently staying with Britney in L.A.

There are several inconsistencies with TMZ’s report we’d like to point out.

“We’re told Lynne hadn’t seen Britney for around a year.”

False. We know Lynne was with Britney at her appearance on Ellen last October – you know, the announcement for the announcement. Lynne was also in attendance at Britney’s final Piece Of Me show later that month. It’s unclear how much time has passed since the two have seen each other, but it certainly wasn’t a year.

“We’re told Lynne is upset over reports that Jamie had Britney committed to the mental facility and forced drugs on her — both not true.”

I have no comment on the allegations, however it’s very likely that Britney herself spoke with Lynne about her situation (versus Lynne learning information about her daughter through reports). Whatever the case may be, it fired her up enough to seek legal counsel and take some sort of action.

“She’s not allowed to drive with her phone — security stopped her after she was caught texting and driving a week ago. Security takes her phone when she takes the wheel.”

Last week, paparazzi pictures of Britney driving with her security guard hit the Internet. In some of the shots, Britney is indeed holding a phone, however there’s no indication that she was driving at that time. There’s actually video of Britney in her car sitting in the driver’s seat, but the car is parked. Photogs managed to snap pics of Brit holding the phone in her car, but there’s no evidence to support the fact she was texting while driving.

“Britney doesn’t have a smartphone — only a flip phone — because of what she might do if she has access to the internet.”

Hmmm. What might she do/say? This also implies Britney is not in charge of her Instagram, including the most-recent posts.

Fans were first made aware of the flip phone situation when photogs spotted the pop star at a tanning salon last month.

There were other instances of Britney holding an iPhone recently, so it’s unclear if that was in fact hers, or someone else’s.

“There has been a long-standing conflict between Lynne and Jamie.”

Interesting, because a report from People says Jamie is fine with the decision to bring Lynne up to date. “There’s no battle between Jamie and Lynne,” a source close to the situation tells them. “Lynne has always been filled in by Jamie and is now just making it official.”

“Our sources say Jamie has confided in friends if Britney goes off the rails she could lose custody of her kids … and quickly.”

Fans have suspected for quite some time that Britney surrenders to the conservatorship because she fears she’ll lose her kids. It’s interesting that TMZ knows what Jamie is confiding in his friends about, and points out she could lose her kids. It’s worth mentioning Kevin Federline has sole custody of the boys – Britney has visitation.

It appears TMZ wants to paint Britney a certain way for their own benefit. The outlet has a not-so-secret affiliation to some players who are/were instrumental in this conservatorship, so it comes as no surprise they portray Britney as crazy the moment she seeks to take back some control.

There are aspects to this situation fans are unaware of, and that’s important to remember. However, having mental health issues does not equal stripping someone of their basic human rights – something the #FreeBritney movement champions.

The conservatorship in place also poses the question: does she in-part deal with mental health issues because of the control? Or is the control in place because she deals with mental health issues?

Stay tuned…

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