The first spring-summer anthem of the year.

Now all we need is the sun to come out.

Calvin Harris has released “Slide,” his brand-new collaboration with Frank Ocean and “Bad and Boujee” rap stars Migos.

The Scottish DJ previously previewed the feel-good summertime jam on Snapchat and described it as “music to make your soul happy.”

Just last night, he tweeted, “All my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feel ******* incredible.” So how does “Slide” hold up on the happy soul scale? Pretty damn well.

The R&B track is definitely different from the EDM, house-lite sounds of his most recent output, from “My Way” to “This Is What You Came For.” Ocean sings cooly over the breezy verses, while Migos offer up a jolt of energy in the form of a rap bridge.

Harris put it best himself, to be honest, as this is soulful music that just makes you want to groove, smile and sing-a-long under the sun with your friends.

Get into “Slide” below:

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