Fox News Questions If Britney Can Handle The Vegas Pressure

Britney has triumphed in her career since her very public spiral that forced her dad to step in and act enforce a conservatorship, but since then Britney’s managed to get her act together. She’s released two albums, performed two world tours, a judge on The X Factor and is slated to perform two years in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, but some think the pressure of Sin City will cause her to buckle and send her back to that place she’s worked so hard from escaping.

“There is little chance that she can do actually do this. The stress of a daily public appearance and the physical nature of a show could overwhelm her for sure,” a source connected to the star told Fox News. “As the show comes closer, she may start to fall apart. It’s definitely a concern.”

The structured conservatorship controls Britney’s spending, and bars her from making any legal decisions. Legal analyst, Wendy Feldman, who has no connection to Britney, says there’s a reason why Britney remains in the conservatorship five years after its inception.

“There is no doubt that Spears has mental health issues or the judge would be forced to lift the conservatorship even if she wanted to keep it… No amount of costumes, auto tune or dancers will be able to hind the shy nature of Britney. We love her because we love nostalgia, but sometimes money is not enough of a reason to take a job.”

Britney’s currently rehearsing for the gig, hitting up dance studios every week for rehearsals, while simultaneously recording her new album with executive producer Will.I.Am.

“Fans are typically very forgiving. They are rooting for Britney and will come out to see the show. That said, if this Vegas show does not deliver and there is bad word of mouth, we will see that even loyal fans won’t come anymore,” noted L.A-based television personality and celebrity psychotherapist, Stacy Kaiser.

Britney’s last two tours proved she’s still a force to be reckoned with, even managing to be the highest paid female musician in 2012 thanks to her successful Femme Fatale Tour.

“Britney has been living a relatively laid-back life recently, and these concerts are back-to-back and very intense,” Kaiser continued. “There is a good chance the pressure to perform regularly and the distance from her support system can send her into a spiral.”

This **** about Britney not ready to handle it always pops up when she’s about to embark on a new professional venture, and she proves them wrong every. single. time. Brit maintains a huge fanbase not because of negative Fox news “inside sources” or celebrity psychotherapists who wait for her to fail, but because she has millions of people who want to see her succeed and enjoy being a part of that journey. Let them drink their haterade and get ready for Brit to prove them wrong!