Britney (and her estate) are facing yet another lawsuit from a company because they never received payment. This time it’s her old security company, Advanced Security Concepts Corporation, who was jipped, asking for $141,625.00 in unpaid services, according to

“ASCC claims Team Spears has been unfairly holding a grudge against it ever since one of their former bodyguards, Fernando Flores, filed a lawsuit against Britney last year … accusing her of multiple instances of genital-exposing sexual harassment. Britney has denied the allegations.”

ASCC claims Britney’s team demanded the company cover Brit’s legal expenses in the case, even though they weren’t obligated to put up the cash.

ASCC claims Britney’s people not only fired them after the ordeal, but they refused to pay $141,625.00 for the remainder of a one-year contract which her camp had previously agreed to pay out whether or not they actually used the security service.

No comment from Team Britney.

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