Remember Alli Sims? The girl that no one knows if she’s actually related to Britney or not? Yeah, me neither! But have no fear; this new legal drama will refresh our memories.

According to, Sims is in hot water after lying to her “management team” about her relationship with Britney and Sam Lutfi “in order to help secure finances for recording a record,” as well as having her rent paid for 2008. The documents state:


1. You lied to us about money causing out-of-pocket expenses. We were unaward that you had made a deal with Claus Hjelmbak and Sam Lufti to pay your rent for the year of 2008. You should not have asked us to pay your rent and personal expenses since May 2008 for 6 months.

2. You lied to us about your relationship with Britney Spears. We were in the understanding that we would help you make a record album and music videos about your relationship with Britney Spears. You grossly misrepresented yourself as a singer and as a friend of Britney Spears.

3. You brought questionable friends to business trips and meetings designed to finance your album. It jeopardized our relationships with our investors and caused us loss of money.

4. After a business trip to St. Tropez fully paid for by our company and our investor you went behind our backs and started developing and filming a pilot for a reality show when you returned.

5. Slandering my company, myself and my associates. Lying about my business in France and damaging relationships I have with my business partners.

6. Lied to the media in “In Touch” Magazine about writing a song about Britney Spears. Continuing to lie about working on an album that has not even started. As well as many media reports of you writing and recording music behind our backs which we both know is a complete and utter lie.

7. You lied about your relationship with Sam Lufti and Claus Hjelmbak and the sneaky financial deals that collapsed your relationship with the entire Spears family.

Folks has since issued a statement to the press saying: “Alli Sims never got to the recording studio nor did she ever write a song about her cousin,” adding, “we are just glad to know the truth now and we are very happy to see Britney making a successful comeback.”

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