Britney asked for her ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, “to be jailed,” said Jamie Spears’ former attorney Blair Berk in a Los Angeles courtroom Friday morning.

“According to City News Service, Berk recounted the pop star’s request regarding Lutfi to the court,” reports

“She repeatedly asked if I could get him arrested for what he’d done to her and get the court to order him to stay away from her,” Berk said, according to CNS.

Berk reportedly claimed Lutfi allegedly threatened to leak “embarrassing information about” Britney and Jamie Spears if Berk did not cease such information being released about him.

“Additionally, Berk spoke about Britney Spears’ lack of relationship with attorney Jon Eardley, who once challenged the conservatorship Britney is currently under. Berk testified that the pop star previously told her she did not know Eardley and she did not want him as her lawyer.”

Lutfi’s legal counsel claim there is no substantial evidence that proves he caused harm or distress to Britney, according to CNS.

Lutfi is fighting the restraining order.

Later in the day at the court house, Lutfi’s sister, Christina Lutfi, testitfied Britney “contacted her asking for her ex-manager’s help.”

“According to the Associated Press, Christina Lutfi, who was brought in as a last minute witness, said on the stand that she had spoken with the pop star and that Britney said she wanted a new attorney. Christina Lutfi also claimed she was in fear of her father while on the stand.”


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