Britney’s remained in a conservatorship for over four years after a lengthy display of reckless behavior. Even though she’s publicly stated the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, she’s carried on, releasing two albums, performing hundreds of shows and plenty of interviews.

Granted, fans may think they know the real Britney and what goes on behind closed doors, but the truth of the matter is we don’t. Our parasocial interaction with her can look obsessive, but fans and followers have no choice but to make an observation based on their own inferences that we’d never want to lose our legal right to hire a lawyer, make business deals or get married without a judge’s consent first. Bottom line: we’re humans and want the best for her because we’ve followed her throughout the years, and in a way, she’s followed us.

The girl is not incompetent. So why is this legal loophole still in place? is asking the same thing. They detail her recent settlement with Brand Sense and ex-bodyguard Fernando Flores, but think they’re using the conservatorship to hide Britney from testifying in the lawsuit against ex-manager Sam Lutfi.

From Forbes:

“The last thing that anyone on Team Britney wants is for Britney to have to answer difficult questions, under oath, especially where that deposition might get leaked to the media (as in the Flores lawsuit). So Jamie Spears insists that Britney is not competent, which so far has allowed her to avoid undergoing a deposition.

The downside to this? They can’t have their cake and eat it too. If Britney is not competent to answer questions in a deposition, then can she be competent enough to be married? Likely not, which is why her wedding date is being postponed until the Lufti lawsuit ends.”

They’re using the conservatorship to shield Brit from tough questions, but what about the tough questions X Factor contestants might ask her? What will the conservatorship do then?

They continue:

“If she’s competent enough to serve as a talent judge on a major TV network television show, how in the world can she be so incompetent that she can’t make her own decisions? Singing on stage is one thing. She’s been doing that since she was a child.

But talking, off-script, making talent judgments and providing what would expected to be witty or insightful commentary? Can someone incompetent do that?

Absolutely not.”

People are rooting for Britney; they want the best for her. If that means she needs to be in a conservatorship because that’s what she needs for herself and her children, alright. However, taking away someone’s civil rights because they’re “incompetent,” yet allowing them to appear on national television doesn’t seem just. Even IF it’s to avoid another lawsuit.

In the end, no one really knows what truly goes on behind the smoke and mirrors. Only Britney.

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