Makes complete sense.

This makes complete sense.

You guys, Beyonce is still really rich. Forbes is ranking the highest-earning celebrities from the past year, and the pop star comes in at No. 2 overall with $105 million, placing only behind P. Diddy. That makes her the top female.

From BBC:

Queen Bey needs no introduction but she’s made a big leap up the chart, from number 34 last year. That’s largely due to profits from her Formation tour and her most recent album, the critically-acclaimed Lemonade. Her husband, Jay-Z, could only make number 55.

If you’re wondering… JK Rowling comes in at No. 3 with $95 million, Drake at No. 4 with $94 million followed by Cristiano Ronaldo with $93 mill.

View the full list here.

When will your favs?

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