A “For The Record” DVD?! Looks like it!

Check out this media promo release of Britney’s “For The Record” documentary, set to release on April 7th, 2009.


“In the defining documentary Britney: For the Record, MTV follows Britney Spears, the world’s most-talked-about megastar, through every step of her storied 2008 comeback. The raw documentary takes fans backstage at the 2008 VMAs where she took home three Moon Men, into the recording studio, and into the mind of Britney herself as she plots and prepares for her return to the spotlight. The film chronicles the every day reality that is “being Britney” and includes sometimes tearful moments from Britney herself, who reflects honestly on her very public life over the past 10 years of her career, as she prepares for the highly anticipated release of her seventh studio album Circus. Originally aired on November 30, 2008 on MTV, the documentary was met with huge ratings, massive fan excitement, and positive critical review. The DVD is a Director’s Cut of the MTV-aired version and includes footage not previously seen on TV!”

Someone tell them Britney’s had 6 studio albums, not seven. And there’s no comma after “excitement.” Just saying.

Click below to view the full press release, courtesy of BreatheHeavy member Unusual:

PS – my 21st birthday is April 7th! HOLLER!

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