Britney’s label wants to hear from us!

SonyBMG Tweeted fans asking what we want to hear on the next Britney Spears album.

Yes, you read that right: they actually want a FANS’ opinion for once! This can mean several things:

1. They genuinely want to please Britney fans, take our advice and apply it!
2. They’ve run out of ideas passed Max Martin or
3. Britney was unavailable for comment.

Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

Meanwhile, we have MTV so bored with the pop music scene they’ve delved back into 11-year-old “Baby One More Time” for an extensive and unnecessary re-review.

These days it looks as if fans have more ideas for Britney’s upcoming album than her management does. Is this what the ever-so-accessible world in pop music has come down to? Asking fans for a quick answer to crank out a quick album to make a quick buck?

And even if we play along, will we really see results? Or is this just another ploy to trick fans into believing their ideas matter. Prove me wrong otherwise!

Since they want my opinion (not like they had any choice in the matter), I’ll say it!

I think SonyBMG is asking the wrong person! I want to hear less from management and more from Britney the artist. They’ve successfully micromanaged the **** out of her career, so much so, that artists with a creative, independent spirit are catching up and redefining industry standards.

The next album shouldn’t focus more on a glitzy theme than the music itself, something “Circus” is terribly guilty of. Where’s the substance? Where’s the meaning? “Mmm Papi” just didn’t cut it for me.

Is this album being rushed because of the conservator’s hidden agenda? The faster these albums come out, the more money they’re guaranteed through the duration of the conservatorship which, let’s face it, can’t last forever; if she can put out two albums in two years should she be deemed incompetent enough to remain under a conservatorship? Even Judge Reva Goetz isn’t that foolish.

Is Britney at a point in her life when she can closely focus on an album? or have the mandatory court meetings, permanent custody arrangements, the lost sense of freedom through the conservatorship and the stresses of stardom caused Britney to turn a cold shoulder to her work?

Is this something Britney pushed to do? Or was this pushed on her? Has she given up?

No one but Britney can answer that, and sadly, she’s yet to have a genuine outreach of support or platform to do so.

So, to answer your question SonyBMG, I want an album that Britney is passionate about, co-wrote on and actively contributed to. An album that fans can relate to, party to, cry to, dance to and live through.

That, or we can look forward to MTV’s popology on “Oops…! I Did It Again.”

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