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August 29, 2014 By Jordan Miller

If you’re having a ****** day, or your boyfriend is cheating on you… don’t stress it. Just take a deep breath(eheavy) and know it can and WILL get better. How? By joining the #BreatheHeavy social media channels!

Then slash his tires. Definitely slash his tires.

I have no shame admitting the high I get from seeing you precious, dear to my heart BreatheHeavy readers “Liking,” “Favoriting” and “Hearting” my pop music shiz on social media.

When a post sees a big outreach, I feel how Mariah Carey feels opening presents on Christmas morning. Like Xtina spying a box of donuts.

I shall rant no longer! PLEASE enable my Internet addiction and JOIN me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“Oh hai!!!!” You should definitely add on Facebook. Search and you’ll find it. It’s the page with a plethora of @BritneySpears posts with @HilaryDuff and @NickiMinaj sprinkled in.

And **** it. REGISTER in Exhale, too.