Listen to the latest cut from the ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ sessions.


Listen to Florence + the Machine’s latest endeavour, the understatedly beautiful “As Far As I Could Get”.

Florence Welch and co. are on a role. Despite breaking her foot at Coachella last week, the British indie/pop artist has dropped the music video for “Ship To Wreck” and today debuted the b-side to “What Kind of Man” on vinyl, in honor of Record Store Day.

Lyrically, “As Far As I Could Get” is vintage Florence + the Machine, describing her rapid journey away from a destructive relationship, a journey that takes her “past the museum of death and the mad man yelling answers” amongst other equally unnerving sights and sounds.

The song is part of the continued change of pace from Flo’s dramatic, over-the-top signature style. The atmosphere of ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ seems to be a far more minimal effort, especially in terms of vocals. Replacing the soaring, belting notes of tracks like “Rabbit Heart” or breakout song “Dog Days Are Over”, Florence favors a more conversational tone and trades immediacy for restraint.

It’s another strong effort from Florence + the Machine, and as a b-side it’s a very promising sign for the rest of the album, due this June. If this is a song that didn’t make the final cut, there’s no doubt that this record will be the band’s best attempt yet.

What do you think of “As Far As I Could Get”?