Flaming Lips Lead Singer Dishes On Miley Cyrus

December 5, 2014 By Jordan Miller

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Are you ready for the twerk queen to return? Has she gone anywhere?

Yes, yes she has – and I want her back!

Miley Cyrus began work on her new record. She’s enlisted The Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne, for inspiration. The two spent a lot of time together recently, collaborating on the Lips’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Beatles tribute album, making art and blowing up Instagram.

“She’s just really started. We’re definitely going to make some music together,” Coyne tells StereoGum. “We’re definitely in the mode of: what she’s going to do next, we’re going to be working on what that could be. She already has a bunch of songs. She’s a pretty good songwriter. She’s got some peeps around that can easily turn something simple into something that can be produced pretty quick. She just sounds like … if you hear her demos and stuff, it’s pretty much — I mean, I don’t know how much of her music you know.”

As for whether the band brings a song to her because they think she’d rock it, or jamming together, Coyne says it’s both.

“So far we’ve had some songs where we said, ‘We’re going to write this for her, think of her range,’ and lyrically you sort of point it where it could be something she [could use]. And I think she’s doing two different styles. She has this … I guess it’s more classic rock, more classic song structures. And then she has another side that’s just completely freaky. Like Die Antwoord, ******* as far that way as you can go. And, you know, we’re kinda like that too. We don’t really have a style that we do. I think sometimes the Flaming Lips get into a style that everybody can relate to, but we’re not always aware of, ‘What do we sound like?’ You know? She’s very inspiring. She’s a lot of fun. She has no limits.”

Then, Coyne goes on a terribly long but delicious rant bout her.

Flaming Lips Lead Singer Dishes On Miley Cyrus

“I haven’t been around that many [pop stars]. But the ones that are of her level, I don’t know, a Chris Martin or something … they’re just not freaks like her. She’s a blast. She’s not that worried about “Is this all going to work?” and “What are people going to think?” She’s really in the mode of doing whatever the **** she wants. But if you were around her, you’d see. The way she treats people, and all that, it’s just fun. If you were around her, you’d be on one of her records. That’s just the way it is. When people are around me, we’re just doing stuff, so if you’re here, well, we’re going. When I was with Damian Hirst, just for a couple of days, we did paintings and all this sort of ****. You’re just in their flow. I think creative people want that. You want to be around someone where they’ve got their own opinions and their own way, and they’re inspiring to be around. When I’m around her, it reminds you. You think of things and do it. You see her show and the way she is around her fans and stuff, it’s awesome. It’s hokey to say, but it really is about love. It’s not this power thing, it’s not this to be popular. When you’re there with her fans and you see them and her together — maybe it’s like that with Taylor Swift, I don’t know, I’ve never been to a Taylor Swift show. But when you see [Miley], it’s not some fake thing. It’s a real thing. When they’re crying to each other … it’s powerful. Mostly, I think, she’s just a freak. She’s absolutely the craziest person I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a lot of crazy people. She’ll say, “I need to come to Oklahoma and get freaky with you guys!” I’m like, “No you don’t. ****. You cannot get any freakier than you already are.” People will see. I think as the next couple years go, people will see all these sides of her, and it’s going to be, you know, I think it’ll be the way Björk made those first three or four records, where it was ahead of its time but it was beautiful and exotic and strange and she’s a freak. I think it’ll probably be something like that. And I think [Miley] coming from that world of popularity, it’s wonderful. She’s so powerful and so rich. I run into a lot of people who want to do cool **** but they don’t have any power, and they don’t have any say over what’s going on. Even the stuff we did with Kesha. She’s crazy too, but she’s not in the same [tier of pop stardom]. She wants to do all these things, but she’s not in control. So she rails against the people that are in control. With the way we work, we just do our own thing. There isn’t anybody who says, “Oh, you can’t do that,” and we just forget the whole world isn’t like that. When you’re around [Kesha] … we’d be doing music and she’d be like, “This is what I want to do.” And I’d be like, “Well, you’re already doing it.” She’s like, “No! They won’t let me!” I’m like, “Oh, I forget.” But Miley’s not like that. If she wants to do it, she just goes and does it. She has everyone around her saying “We’ll help you, let’s do it.” The times we’ve recorded and done videos and stuff, it’s not like she shows up with twenty handlers. It’s just her. I don’t know what people think it would be, but it’s not like when we were around Beck or something.”