FKA twigs Lures Us With Dramatically Arousing “Congregata” (Live Review)

May 19, 2015 By James Dinh

Entertainer dazzles in second of three Brooklyn shows.

FKA twigs Lures Us With Dramatically Arousing Congregata

Singer will play an encore of “Congregata” tonight in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, New York — For her second of three performances at Brooklyn Hangar as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival, FKA twigs was an unparalleled vision of dance. Throughout the course of her almost-two hour show on Monday night (May 18), the 27-year-old British entertainer brought together her definitive aesthetic, *******-like Alexander McQueen-designed costumes and her talented group of friends for a special sold-out performance of “Congregata,” a dramatically arousing show backed by a dozen male dancers and a four-piece band.

Whether she was turning herself into a human disco-ball (with the help of some strategically placed light beams) during “Video Girl” or catapulting into the air for various freeze frame silhouettes atop a male dancer for “Papi Pacify,” FKA twigs was wide-eyed, engaged and full of finesse as movement remained her key weapon throughout her show. We’re talking acrobatic plunges, sexually-charged slow motion winds, and, of course, her own interpretative vogueing for a set-list that was comprised of about half of LP1 as well as new songs “I’m Your Doll” and “Glass & Patron.” Not since early Gaga has a performer utilized minimal production for a razzle dazzle affair that really put an emphasis on everything it means to be a performer. And still, the BET Best New Artist nominee was happy to acknowledge that she wasn’t the only star of the night. When she wasn’t on-stage, her dancers remained just as eye-popping as she appeared, showing off some serious krumping and WTF-worthy contortionism.

It wasn’t until the very end of the show that FKA twigs broke out of character (after her final number “How’s That?”) to speak with the crowd. Given the ambience of the production, it would have probably been odd had the electro-R&B singer spoke a second earlier. And to our surprise, she seemed sorta timid and everything you wouldn’t expect based off the intensity of her performance.

During the chat, FKA spoke a little bit about the thought behind “Congregata” and also gave some deserving shine to her dancers. After all, they were her actual friends and closest collaborators she’s known since she was 17-years-old instead of, you know, a batch of hired dancers. It was that sort of intimate chatter that you needed, because let’s face it, “Congregata” was a gradually moving show that intensified as she went through cut after cut. You needed the break. By time FKA wrapped things up and left the stage, the cool misty atmosphere of Brooklyn Hangar was gone and the venue felt more like sweltering sauna.

So what’s a girl to do once she’s finished performing in front of thousands of people? Hit the merchandise table for some autographs and photos, of course. If you haven’t already guessed it, FKA twigs has an extremely good grasp of her musical vision, performance art, and, most importantly, her fans.

Check out FKA twigs work her stuff at her “Congregata” show below!

Plus, @FKATwigs is one hell of a dancer.

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