Five Explanations To Britney’s Post Saying “Something’s Coming”

November 30, 2015 By Jordan Miller

We are very curious what Brintey has up her sleeve!


Britney claims something is coming… but what?

Now that her Piece Of Me residency renewal announcement is out of the way, there’s only a few things we could fathom happening in the near future.

On Sunday (Nov. 29), Britney went on a posting spree via Instagram, sharing inspirational quotes, funny memes, a video of her son Jaden skateboarding to Fall Out Boy and… a cryptic picture of horses with the caption, “Something’s coming…”

Something's coming…

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When Britney says something is coming… it’s not taken lightly.

We have a few theories as to what might be on the way:

1. A trip to Hawaii or Mexico:

Britney’s vacation hot spots seem to be exclusive to resorts on the beach, and considering she has a few weeks until her next Piece Of Me show, we imagine she’ll embark on a tropical getaway for some R&R.

2. Her 34th birthday.

You do realize December 2nd is the day after tomorrow, don’t you? How are YOU honoring the Queen?

3. The Super Bowl halftime performance

After her surprise appearance in a commercial during this year’s Super Bowl show, fans began speculating Britney was up for 2016’s. On Dec. 3, Pepsi will announce one of the performers for the show, and it just might be Britney.

4. Selfie!

Minutes after she posted the mysterious snap, Brit shared a selfie reading the book Plastic Tulips in the Winter. Perhaps it was a candid heads up?

Yeah I know I've got a big forehead… but it was a really great book!

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5. B9

And finally, our favorite (and most likely?) option: the lead single to her ninth studio album. Brit was spotted in the recording studio on Sunday, so we know she has music on the brain.

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