Oh wow.

A middle aged woman’s dream.

Just in case the shtick of James Corden yelling singer’s songs so loud in their faces that you can’t hear the actual singer hasn’t gotten old yet, we have a brand new Carpool Karaoke segment to look forward to.

Of the few dignified artists to not have sat in the passenger seat yet – Beyoncé, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake – the television host has grabbed Ed Sheeran to sing along with this time.

Dubbed as “The Biggest Male Artist In The World” – a title which I’m sure actually belongs to Drake, no? – the ‘first look’ clip previews a thrilling car ride of the two men belting out “Sing” and “Castle On The Hill”.

Sheeran even gets an acoustic guitar out! In the car! Madness.

Watch the preview below.

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