First Listen: Kelly Clarkson Shares "Heartbeat Song" Snippet


Kelly Clarkson shared a snippet of her new lead single, “Heartbeat Song,” just a few days before its Jan. 12 debut, and it’s everything!

In the clip posted on her Twitter, Kelly first gives her daughter River Rose a musical teaser (rude) before sharing it with the rest of her fans. It’s upbeat, slightly auto-tuney (whatevs) – a new musical side to Kelly we haven’t yet heard.

Upon first listen, I am in love! Kelly could fart into the microphone and it would be Grammy-worthy.

“This is my heartbeat song, and I’m gonna play it. Turned it on but I know you can take it up up up all night long.”

Give it Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song” teaser a listen:

Up up up!