Tour plans have begun to surface – and the happy Circus may not be so happy afterall.

According to, who have been pretty accurate concerning Britney lately, have had a sneak peek at Britney’s three-act show for The Circus: Starring Britney Spears tour.

“The first act sees the miserable star run away to join the circus. This mirrors her slide into unhinged behaviour. Her disturbing antics while suffering her meltdown are the focus of the second act, which takes place in the circus. The final act focuses on Britney’s salvation. She manages to prize herself away from the clutches of the circus to be reunited with her friends and family.”

“Brit is seen having fun in this crazy world and falling in love with a circus freak.”

“The finale features the diva emerging at the end of a rainbow after a spectacular indoor thunderstorm,” reports the site.

Britney’s public life has been on display for millions, and the tour will reflect that. “Britney is well aware of what a rollercoaster she has been on during these past two years,” reports an insider, “and she is determined that her recent life is reflected in the shows.”

“She thought the best metaphor to use would be the circus.”

The show is a form of therapy, letting fans travel with her “through her fall from grace and her eventual rehabilitation.”

Top fashion designers Donatella Versace and Dolce & Gabana – who have supplied clothes for Britney’s recent Vanity Fair photoshoot, have been called upon to design the costumes for the tour – all 12 of them.

The tour kicks off March 3rd, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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