Check out new previews from “Finding Neverland: The Album.”

"Finding Neverland" Clips By Christina Aguilera, JLo, Nick Jonas Leak

Listen to previews from Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Jonas and Ellie Goulding off the “Finding Neverland: The Album” soundtrack.

How do you get fans of broadway to listen to pop stars, and pop music lovers to check out musical numbers? Star power, and “Finding Neverland” does just that! It’s backed by over a dozen A-list musicians, featuring music and lyrics by Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy. The record is a clever approach to interest fans of musicals to notice mainstream artists, and fans of the Top 40 to listen to classic a musical.

Several 30-second clips found their way onto the Internet ahead of its June 9 release date (you can pre-order it on iTunes), including Christina Aguilera’s “Anywhere But Here,” Ellie Goulding’s “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground,” Nick Jonas’ “Believe,” and Jennifer Lopez & Trey Songz’s “What You Mean to Me.”

Christina Aguilera – Anywhere But Here

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Jennifer Lopez & Trey Songz – What You Mean to Me

Nick Jonas – Believe

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Ellie Goulding – When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground

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Rita Ora & Sage The Gemini – Are We Gonna Play?

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Kiesza – Stronger

The remaining tracks still to be heard include:
Zendaya – Neverland
Paloma Faith – Circus of Your Mind
Jon Bon Jovi – Beautiful Day
Pentatonix – Stars
John Legend – My Imagination
Gary Barlow – Something About This Night
Matthew Morrison – We Own the Night
Christina Perri – All That Matters
The Goo Goo Dolls – If the World Turned Upside Down

“When I first heard Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy’s bold and exciting music for Finding Neverland, I loved the mix of their contemporary sound with this classic and timeless story,” says Harvey Weinstein, a producer of the musical and the album, to Billboard. “This album is a great opportunity to have some of today’s most popular and innovative recording artists help introduce the music to the world.”

Tom Mackay, exec vp, West Coast and general manager at Republic, adds: “In essence, fans of these artists will discover the story and the play in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise, and on the flipside, fans of the play will discover some of these artists in a way they might not have in their daily lives. That made for a cool challenge to find talent with the wide range that these songs require.”

Clips via Ultimate Music

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