The conservatorship hearing held earlier today at the Los Angeles County Superior Court seems, to the public, inconclusive. The only real decision made by Commissioner Reva Goetz was granting father & co-conservator Jamie Spears the right to sell Britney’s Studio City home. It is being reported that Britney plans on moving to Calabasas, just 45 minutes north from her current home. Britney’s rights, or lack there of, made little progress at the hearing though.

Despite claiming “[Commissioner] Goetz stuck with a July 31 court date,” reports that the conservatorship hearing has been pushed back: “It was back to court for Britney Spears’ camp on Tuesday, where a judge postponed a July hearing to discuss control of the singer’s assets. Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled that the July 31 hearing — which was scheduled to decide whether to end or extend Britney’s conservatorship — will instead review matters of evidence in her case, giving attorneys more time to compile information about Brit’s affairs.”

Surprising? Absolutely not. While I am not her lawyers or handlers, it still puzzles me as to what evidence they need an extra few weeks to gather to prove she is still incapable of handling her own affairs. The longer they extend this, the more money Britney owes to her lawyers and co-conservators. Perhaps Britney’s “handlers” don’t bring her along to the hearings in fear that she might speak up about her current situation… Anyone notice Britney hasn’t said a word in 5 months?

What saddens me the most though, is the recently released petition Jamie filed on June 6th demanding “replacement compensation” for the time he spent with Britney in February, before his payments of $2500 dollars a week began. According to, “following up on his [Jamie’s] petition to collect “replacement compensation” for the month of February for being the co-conservator of his daughter’s estate, Jamie Spears stated in a declaration filed June 6 that, starting Feb. 1, when he was first given control over Britney’s affairs following her second hospitalization this year, he was with her “on a near-twenty-four-hour basis to ensure her safety and well-being.” A court commissioner did not allocate $2,500 a week for the elder Spears—plus funds to lease a car—until March 3.” In case you’re wondering what all that meant, it means Jamie wants to be paid an extra $10,000 dollars of Britney’s money for the month of February since his payments officially began in March. Why is it always about money?

In Jamie’s petition, he states:


“After Britney was released from the hospital, I brought Britney home and secured her living and care situation,” Jamie Spears said. “Throughout the time period, I ran errands, including buying groceries and cooking supper on a daily basis. I talked frequently with Britney about her health status… I arranged for Britney’s transport and security to go shopping and so that she could teach a dance class. I visited with Britney’s children and their father, Mr. Federline,” he stated. “I met and consulted attorneys. I also continued to consult with and meet Britney’s doctors and care providers.”

Certainly Jamie began assisting in straightening out Britney’s life, but shouldn’t any father? And on top of that he files a petition for that extra 10 grand he was “cheated out of.” Does anyone not see the corruptness in this? How can it be just me?

Jamie’s attorney goes on to say that Jamie had “been forced to forego [sic] other employment in order to devote his full time and attention to Britney and her affairs” and had “lost his regular source of income from which to pay his living expenses.”

If the conservatorship must remain for another year, then so be it. But why not TWO completely independent conservators to handle her affairs? Clearly Britney has made progress thanks to her understanding of the severity of her situation. Why not allow her to test the waters again? Let her drive on her own, if she chooses to do so, without the mandatory assistance of any staff. Let her begin making and mending relationships. Let her prove herself BEFORE the final hearing, which is now pushed back, to show she can begin to live a life without a ball & chain. What they’re doing is just not right. I hope that extra 10 grand is enough compensation for you Jamie.

Cue the torches…

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