I love slow news days. Just goes to show what stories the tabs will pull out their ***. This is a pretty original one — Life & Style is reporting that Britney, in an effort to see her kids more, is planning on moving to New York with Kevin, together. Emphasis on together. “If she loses in court, she sees being as close to Kevin as possible as a way to have more time with the kids,” says a Spears family “insider” aka an intern at that magazine. And get this — they BOTH are going to be on Broadway. Cue the lights!

“Britney was in serious talks to be the new Sandy in the show Grease,” a Broadway insider reveals, but father Jamie wants her to wait ’till “she’s ready.” As for Kevin?

Apparently Kevin was after the role of the UPS man in Legally Blonde the musical on broadway. He should have been on that MTV show with Hilary Duff’s sister. Can you imagine? The source continues: “[Kevin] and Britney have talked, and they’re hoping that in six to 12 months they can both be in New York with the kids, working in different shows.”

LA LA LAAAAA ********! Hey I didn’t know I can sing. Ah what the hell I’ll try out too…

1 tab down, 6 to go.

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