Whether or not Britney Spears is pregnant, the Fijian drink Kava did nothing to help her conceive. Either a mischievous group of Fijians were tricking the singer’s trusting nature or Britain’s Mirror newspaper just can’t do their research. The recent reports suggesting Britney and new husband Kevin Federline were downing Kava – Fiji’s traditional drink – to boost their fertility chances are complete nonsense. Fijians have never claimed it boosts fertility. Most tourists drink Kava as part of a traditional welcoming ceremony, a regular activity at hotels on the islands. If you drink enough of it, you can feel like you’re drunk or stoned. It is well known for helping with anxiety, relaxation, sleep, bladder infections or as a mild analgesic… with that information it’s probably more likely for the newlyweds would fall asleep, rather than copulate! Since the ‘news’ broke, Fijians have been laughing about the world’s misinterpretation of their national drink.” thanks vbssite.com

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