Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” Is Now The Best-Selling Girl Group Single

February 2, 2016 By Ross

Here’s a list of songs better than it.


Fifth Harmony’s Vine famous single “Worth It” is now the best-selling single by a girl group in US history.

The unsynchronised, worryingly fragile group that’s messier than Danity Kane (they at least made it through two successful albums) has surpassed talented and legendary groups like Destiny’s Child, TLC and the Spice Girls.

“Talk Dirty” “Worth It” has now outsold The Pussycat Dolls’ iconic debut single “Don’t Cha”, despite peaking at #12.

 photo tumblr_no7o6tNBMp1r7jej4o1_250_zpskixuic6y.gif

I will admit, “Worth It” was on my “summer bops” playlist last summer but it was never anything other than a mindless, arguably generic bop. Good bridge? Check. Nice beat drop? Check. Nothing more.

Was it the video? Of course, not – we’ve all seen that low-budget mess that was plagued with awkward choreography and mis-matching outfits.

To forget this awful day, I have compiled a list of amazing pop songs by girl groups that deserve justice and can be listened to/enjoyed without a vodka soda in hand.

I could go on for hours.

PS – Take a peek at their new cover for Seventeen magazine:


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