She apologized since.

Lauren Jauregui somehow made the Super Bowl a political statement.

The Fifth Harmony member has denounced Trump on several occasions, including an open letter and a now-deleted post on Instagram slamming Super Bowl viewers for indulging in some much-needed escapism.

“Yo, I don’t give a single f— who finds this annoying,” Jauregui wrote on Instagram. “You know what I find annoying? The fact that our country is being overtaken by a fascist dictator and that people would rather feel COMFORTABLE and complacent.”

She added: “There are plenty of pop stars who will make you feel nice and safe in your distraction.”

Jauregui has since removed the comment and apologized after receiving a wave of backlash. “My comment was not aimed at the ability for our entire conversations to be taken over by a sporting event but I also understand that was misinterpreted as a direct attack on something that brings unity and peace of mind to people,” she wrote. “It isn’t my place to discredit the unity it does promote,” she wrote. “I apologize for the amount of people I offended, I’m incredibly sad every day for this country and I get too passionate sometimes.”

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She makes a good point, but if we focused on Trump’s wrongdoings at all times, we’d never catch a break.

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