Titled “Look At Us Now.”

Ally Brooke tests the solo waters.

Ally is headlining the W+ Festival in São Paulo, Brazil on July 2 all by herself, and she’s got a new tune in store for fans attending.

It’s titled “Look At Us Now,” a dance track she recorded with Lost Kings and A$AP Ferg back in February. She live-premiered it at the DJ duo’s gig at Marquee nightclub in New York City over the weekend.

“Said we shouldn’t talk but now we talkin’,” she sings over a stuttering, electro-tinged beat. “Said we shouldn’t touch but now we touchin’ / Said we wouldn’t, said we wouldn’t / Who we foolin’? Probably should / Look at us now!”


UPDATE: Ally confirmed the song drops on Friday (June 9):

On Friday, Fifth Harmony dropped a new tune as well titled “Down.” It’s a rip-off of a Terror Jr track, according to Terror Jr. But hey, at least she’s got some fresh material for Brazil.

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