Fifth Harmony's "All I Want For Christmas" Video + Stream "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

Fifth Harmony have mastered the art of glamor shots in a music video.

The girl group is really running with their Mariah Carey cover of “All I Want For Christmas.” It might be the new Sir Mix-a-Lot/”Baby Got Back”/”Anaconda.” Not really, but you know what I mean.

In the video, the girls stare, laugh, stare some more, shake presents and act cute. Watch it because it’s December and if you don’t you’ll probably get a lump of coal from your friends instead of that Sephora gift card you’ve been hinting at.

Fifth Harmony's

The song finds itself on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,“ as do tracks by Meghan Trainer, Fiona Apple, Sarah Bareilles and Tamax Braxton.

Stream that here:

Is their cover considered a regift?