Lauren Jauregui says she hopes their new album gets them “nominated for some ****.”

Fifth Harmony Working With Max Martin On New Album

Not only are the girls staying together, they’re coming back with a vengeance.

Camila Cabello broke a lot of hearts this week when she told Latina magazine the band would probably eventually break up because they were manufactured. The 5H team stepped in to sweet up the mess, issuing a statement the mag took her words of context and that everything was fine. The girls backed it up with several cute photos on their Instagram saying they weren’t “goin nowhere.”

A warm and fuzzy quote from band member Lauren Jauregui today (Oct. 2) shares that sentiment. She assures fans there’s nothing to worry about.

“We want you to sit through it and feel a roller coaster of emotions,” she tells Billboard. “Don’t worry! 5H2 is coming! You’ll have music to soothe your soul soon, everything will be fine, we love you to death and we’re not going anywhere. I promise.”

Positive vibes in the studio. So excited for round 2! We're not goin nowhere ✌?️#5h2

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The girls are currently recording their followup to 2015’s Reflection, Jauregui confirms, adding they’re collaborating with Max Martin and his camp at his compound/studio, as well as producers and songwriters like Mitch Allan and Jason Evigan.

“It’s a really good vibe for recording — [Max] is in a great spirit the whole time,” she notes. “We’ve been wanting to work with Max for a while, and his camp as well. They’ve produced some of the best records of all time, year after year, consistently. They’re so talented and creative, and there’s real camaraderie and positivity.”

They also want to top their sound that made them famous for songs like “Worth It” and “BO$$.”

“For starters, we definitely want to mature in terms of our lyrics and content,” says Jauregui. “Although [on the first album] we touched upon a bunch of subjects that we definitely agreed with and our very relevant to us, like girl power and self-love, hopefully this time around we can have some more vulnerability, some more ballads and mid-tempo type [songs], to balance out this album. We want you to sit through it and feel a roller coaster of emotions.”

“We’re also trying to make it a bit more soulful. The whole R&B, urban, Destiny’s Child vibe? We’re definitely going to try and hone in on that this time around. We’ve recorded some dope songs already, some really sick tracks with crazy horns all over the place.”

Jauregui agrees Cabello’s quote was taken “completely out of context,” but in a strange turn of events agrees they will eventually go solo.

“When we auditioned for The X Factor, we were five individuals going into the show,” Jauregui points out. “That obviously means we are five solo artists in our beings, so we have our own creative ideas, of what sounds the best music-wise, because we are all artists. One day, we all have the idea of being a solo artist, but that’s not our focus right now. We all allow each other to explore our individual things that make us happy, and so we’re just being supportive of each other, and making sure we focus on Fifth Harmony and what’s important to the group is important to all five of us.”

The girls wrapped their summer tour and look forward to performing internationally in 2016. “I just hoping that we get to start touring the world soon — that’s what I’m excited about,” she says. “I can’t wait until we can get to do that with the new music. I also hope that we have some songs on this album that can get us nominated for some ****. That’d be dope! That’s what we’re working on.”


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