Watch the ladies of 5H slay their performance.


Fifth Harmony brought a much-needed touch of femininity to the testosterone-filled Wrestlemania 32.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony are probably duking it out in the ring behind closed doors because of their impending disbandment, so naturally they felt inspired to perform at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, TX Sunday evening for tens of thousands of eager wrestling fans. Wearing matching red gowns, the girls harmonized “America The Beautiful” in formation with only a piano to back them up whilE a screen displayed waving American flags behind them. How Michelle Obama of them.

5H are probably kicking themselves for committing to Wrestlemania 32 so far in advance considering the iHeartAwards took place the same day, but look at the bright side – they performed for 80,000 fans who probably had never heard of them prior to this.

Watch below:

Via PopCrush

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