Harmonizers rejoice! Fifth Harmony might not be on hiatus indefinitely.

Harmonizers rejoice! Fifth Harmony might not be on hiatus indefinitely.

The girls announced this week they’re taking a break form from the band for an undetermined amount of time (that sounded like code for forever), but a new report from Metro.co.uk claims they’ll eventually reunite, just not at their current label Epic Records.

The alleged cause for leaving? Sources claim Epic gave former band member Camila Cabello “first dibs on all potential hits.” It’s worth mentioning Camila co-wrote every song on her No. 1 album, so interpret this how you’d like.

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Fifth Harmony Was Still Throwing Shade At Camila Cabello

“Camila’s debut album received more financial backing and promotion than any of the group’s albums and it became clear that they could no longer stay on the same label, especially once they learned Camila was getting first dibs on all the potential hits that were being sent into the label,” an insider tells them. “The plan is to find a way to reunite once they can find a way to do so at another label so fans needn’t worry. They will be back, just not at Epic.”

This makes sense. Earlier this year, Billboard reported Lauren Jauregui had plans to leave Epic and release a solo record on Columbia Records.

In their letter to fans announcing the hiatus, 5H said they “realized that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and to you, we do need to take some time for now to go on a hiatus from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavors.”

I can definitely see Fifth Harmony reuniting in a couple of years after trying out some solo stuff. No shade, but bookmark me.

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7 Responses

  1. They truly are full of it lol. How can Epic be giving Camila hits when she wrote and co wrote all her songs? Not to mention her friends sending her songs directly that didn’t even make the album. This insider needs to warm up before they reach and pull a muscle

  2. The 5H promo was very messy while Camila’s had a real cohesion. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see that they favored Camila, it’s just sad that 5H didn’t release the right tracks and have better promo. That said I agree with @brocklovesgreys , if they come back they’ll turn tables.

  3. Stupid article, and if this is 5h’s management trying to do damage control on why the group split, well i got news for you. 5h split bc their last album flopped, their tours flopped, so obviously a label isnt going to support an artist (s) who isnt making them profits. Camila wrote her own songs, the song Ed wrote for her didnt make the album. Camila doesnt need dibs on any potential songs, girl writes and creates her own hits. In the end, 5h flopped bc of themselves and no one else. Stop trying to put blame on someone else when it 5h’s own fault. Girls shouldve taken the haitus last year, and made a better impression of coming off a good era, instead of a bad one. I mean if 5h wanted to have dips on potential hits, pay Camila so she couldve sold them a song, I mean she has created Epics hits as of recently ???

  4. “Camila co-wrote every song on her #1 album”

    Sure she did, just like Beyoncé co-wrote “Halo,” despite Ryan Tedder’s demo being exactly the same as the final version. Vanity credits are a thing, and I don’t believe Cabello did as much writing as they’d like us to think.

  5. When an artist writes their own music they typically don’t get “all the hits” given to them as they don’t need them. Sounds like they’re just incredibly bitter and deserve their failure.

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