The rumored date is June 2.


Fifth Harmony is getting to work, work, work.

It won’t be long until all is clear, but for now this is what we got: A cryptic Tweet from Lauren Jauregui with coordinates (it locates to Miami) and an ASCAP registration. According to that, the song is titled “Down” and features Gucci Mane.

The song should be out this coming Friday (June 2).

Check out the receipts below:


The rumored date for Fifth Harmony’s new single release is June 2. A reporter asked Normani Kordei if their plans to perform it on Good Morning America that day were still intact – it caught the singer off guard. “Is that confirmed?,” she asked. Whoops!

Watch that here:


The ladies of Fifth Harmony each have solo projects in the works right now, but they’re also recording a new LP – their first since Camila Cabello left the group. It could feature collaborations from The Chainsmokers and Skrillex. Not much else is known, but one thing’s for sure: it’s on the way.

In a new report from Variety detailing music exec L.A. Reid’s exit from Sony Music’s Epic Records following alleged sexual harassment allegations from a female co-worker, the outlet claims 5H’s new music is expected to drop in June.

In an interview last month, band member Normani Kordei reflected that. “We have new music coming,” she told Billboard. Kordei is a favorite on the current season of Dancing With The Stars. “That’s another thing I have been doing. Even though I am back from Asia. The more intense and further the competition gets, the more that I have to do (such as) having to learn more dances, and also be in a recording studio. I had a photo shoot yesterday. Working on an album, writing… just so many different elements.”

In March, Dinah Jane reflected that. “We’ve been in the studio for almost a month and a half,” she told YoungPost. “It’s been amazing to be part of the process. We’ve been asking our label for a while now to be more involved in the process of making music, and they’ve allowed us. Just having our voices heard and having some creative direction between us – we’re all so different musically and genre-wise – made sense to create that Fifth Harmony sound. We’ve been exploring with different sounds and tones, and I think this is the most harmonious album we’ve had.”

It’s interesting timing. Camila is releasing her first solo effort titled “the hurting the healing the loving” this Friday, May 19.

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