Uh oh. 5H aren’t backing away from a fight.

As the entertainment world reacts to Camila Cabello’s Fifth Harmony exit, the behind the scenes mess wages on.

Yesterday, it was announced via Fifth Harmony’s social media accounts that Camila Cabello would be leaving the group. The statement claimed Cabello did not inform the group, her “representatives” did. Understandably, this did not go down well with fans who found the apparent move disrespectful.

Cabello eventually responded saying all of the claims made in the statement was false, and ex-bandmate Dinah appeared to agree, supposedly liking her statement on Instagram within minutes of it being posted.

So what gives?

Now, Fifth Harmony have once again issued a second statement attempting to clarify what really went down:

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The statement basically claims Cabello repeatedly turned down offers to “save” and reconcile her position within the group. To be fair, if Camila wanted out, there isn’t going to be much reason for her to show up to “group counseling” sessions, aside from whatever loyalty she has to her former bandmates, as friends. If her heart was set on making her own music and forming her own career, why try to stop her? Manufactured groups seem to run into this issue time and time again, where being made to work in an environment one never intended to, simply gets the best of that member eventually. Maybe it’s time to offer pop groups a little more creative breathing space?

Thoughts? Will Camila respond? Should she?