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Fifth Harmony Premiere ‘Work From Home’; Release Video.

The troubled girl band soldiers on in new single, featuring Ty Dolla $ign.


Amid never-ending split rumors, Fifth Harmony drop new single.

While the future of the band remains unknown, it seems for now Fifth Harmony are continuing on as a five-piece, premiering their new single this morning.

The song echoes the urban-pop earworm vibes of Worth It, but with a slightly softer edge, and details a relationship where the girls don’t see enough of their hard-working boyfriends and would like him to take a day off so they can “work from home” – geddit?

Considering the current #1 single in the US also features a chorus consisting of the word “work” repeated, comparisons to Rihanna are sure to follow.

The band also premiered their music video for the song, which takes place on a construction site and features many beefy men weilding power tools:

Work From Home is the first single from Fifth Harmony’s upcoming album 7/27.

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