It’s part awkward and part real talk..

Fifth Harmony Offers One Very Real Talk Response About Their Eventual Breakup

Leave it up to Dinah to give a candid answer.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Fifth Harmony aren’t meant to be a long lasting act. After rumors of a split and apparent tension hit Harmonizers earlier this year, the fate of the “X Factor” alums is all pretty much spelled out in a brand-new interview with Europa FM.

Asked where they see themselves in a few years, Dinah offered a rather noteworthy answer, saying, “We’ve been together for basically three years now and looking back we’re very, very … happy with where we’re at right now, but from here on out we wanna see … We just wanna hopefully win a couple more awards together. Maybe build more music together as well before we … I feel like we’ll probably go our separate ways maybe later on.”

From the energy in Dinah’s response to Normani’s blank spare and Camila’s almost-smirk, it’s very clear that these ladies have post-5H aspirations, and that’s only to be expected. Plus, you have to give them some credit for being honest with fans. If there’s anything we’ve learned about some girl groups of the past, it’s that the people that get hurt the most at the end of the splits are the fans. At least they have Billboard’s Group of the Year award to look forward to. You can watch their interview in full right here.

Watch Fifth Harmony’s Dinah sound off on their eventual breakup below!

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