5H is here to stay.


Ellen DeGeneres took it upon herself to Photoshop herself into Fifth Harmony’s new promo sans Camila Cabello, and Camila is taking it in stride. She played along with the gag, Tweeting Ellen: “Man!! replaced so soon!! Ellen, you were always a better dancer than me anyway…. ????❤”

The edit follows a new report Fifth Harmony has resigned with Epic Records as a quartet and will release a followup to 7/27 some time in 2017.

See the back and forth below:

Camila is clearly Miss Movin On.


5H is here to stay.

No one said shakeups were easy, but damn do they look good!

The ladies haven’t signed onto Twitter since their back and forth with former bandmate Camila Cabello, but they’re back and better than ever. They hopped online to share a new promo as a quartet:

Twenty Seventeen

A photo posted by Fifth Harmony (@fifthharmony) on

A photo posted by Fifth Harmony (@fifthharmony) on

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Leave it to the Internet to immediately troll, though:

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