That’s my girls.

Well, that was quick.

A version of Fifth Harmony’s – or H4rmony, as their fans are calling them now – latest single “That’s My Girl” without ex-member Camila’s vocals has surfaced online just days after her departure.

As we know, Camila Cabello left the band this past Sunday (Dec 18) and both parties exchanged a number of open letters over what really caused her to leave.

She says she’s the victim, they say she became a diva and started dismissing the band months ago to focus on her solo stuff – but who knows the truth? All I know is that Camila is friends with a certain Taylor, who likes to be the victim in her dramas.

Anyway, the remaining four members Ally, Dinah, Lauren and Normani are wasting approximately no time in Miss Movin’ On as they’re already at work on their third LP, expected early next year.

It’s nice to hear the others’ voices on this version. Looking forward to the girls’ first proper release as a four-piece!

Listen to the “Camiless” version below.

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