They give each other the necessary space to pursue “personal interests.”

That’s what Camila Cabello’s response sounds like.

Both Fifth Harmony and One Direction were carefully grouped during separate seasons of The X Factor, and both reached near unattainable success. During an interview with Larry London this week, Fifth Harmony was asked if they’d ever pursue solo projects. Cabello insists that the girls allow each other space to venture other routes.

“I think the cool thing about us is that we let each other have room to do things that we’re passionate about, whether it’s dancing, whether it’s acting. I think it’s good because we give each other room to grow as individuals, because at the end of the day I think it’s really important that we have respect for the fact that we are a group and we’re in this for one thing, but at the same time we each have our personal interests and we allow ourselves to pursue that, and I think that gives you a certain kind of freedom in a group that is necessary and healthy. So, I think it’s good that we give each other that room.”

She has a point. Earlier this summer, Normani Kordei pursued a solo dance project, though we don’t really see how that affected the band. In other words, get ready for Camila’s solo career!

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