This may really creep you out, or you’ll get a kick out of it!

I am featured in this month’s FHM magazine! The interview (Mike Peake) and photoshoot (Gilles Toucas) took place a few months ago at my house in Las Vegas.


Ever get accused of being a stalker?

“Oh yeah. My readers have sharp tongues, but I have a thick skin and I know what I’m doing is a good thing. It’s not creepy, I’m not a stalker, I’m not waiting outside her door. I do a website on one of the biggest celebrities in the world and I think it’s a positive thing.”

If you were able to interview Britney face-to-face, what would you ask her?

“I’d ask her how she’s really doing. The first thing I’d want to do is take her out to Starbucks and do something fun and be a friend instead of just another annoying person for her to have to deal with.”

Do you feel like you want to rescue her?

“Of course. What I want to do with the website is put out good vibes and good words for her. I have a brain and I’m saying, “Wait a second. If she wants to go out to dinner in a silly wig she shouldn’t have to be called crazy and have her father step in.” She should be able to choose what she wants to do. She’s an adult.”

Click HERE for the entire interview.

Looking forward to feedback in EXHALE!

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