Feud Over: Ariana Grande Says Mariah Carey Is One Of Her Musical Influences

July 30, 2018 By Jordan Miller


The divas inspire Ariana.



The Internet has pit Ari and Mariah Carey against each other for some time now. There’s no denying Ari’s vocal tone initially sounded eerily similar to Mimi’s on occasion. Add a couple of diva moments and a few wardrobe choices, and the worldwide web had all the ammunition it needed to create a rivalry.

Despite Ari repeatedly praising Mariah (here’s a BreatheHeavy article from 2014 where the Sweetener singer gushed about Mimi), it was juicer to create some drama. Grande is (still) not having it.



In a recent Q&A, Ariana was asked to list some of her biggest musical inspirations, and the elusive chanteuse made the cut.

“I was such a ’90s baby,” Ariana said. “Whitney, Mariah, Madonna… all the divas… Celine Dion,” she said.

Ari also listed Imogen Heap as an inspiration. FYI she samples “Goodnight and Go” on a song off her forthcoming album.

Mariah will probably never acknowledge this (she loves a grudge), but perhaps she’ll have a change of heart. Can you imagine a duet? Windows everywhere would break.





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